About Us

Aligned Financial Advisory Services

Our Role

The firm’s fiduciary responsibility is required by law and statute. We are professionals that understand a complex industry and navigate the alternatives in the best interests of our clients.

Our Compensation

As a fee-only advisor, we are not compensated for offering products from financial services firms. We do not accept fee-sharing arrangements with asset managers or private funds. When we recommend investments, it is based solely on the economics and potential returns to the investor. Our intentions are to avoid conflicts of interest and to allow us to always evaluate investment alternatives from the standpoint of our clients.

Our compensation is transparent to our clients and the value-add is clear. Although our fees are tied to assets that we directly manage, we have a mandate to advise on the overall balance sheet of our clients. We understand that investment decisions cannot be made in isolation and that they are dependent on the clients assets, liabilities, projected cash flows, and tolerance for risk.

Our Clients

The majority of our clients are successful professionals and business owners that continue to add to their net worth. Although our minimum level of investment assets for new clients is $2m, we do work with individuals and families who have the potential for growth. We are also often engaged to provide independent reviews of private funds and portfolios held with existing brokerage firms and trust companies.

Our method works for our clients – it produces maximum results relative to acceptable risk